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Our school day

Morning session

Children are typically dropped off at Jelly Beans any time between 7.30am and 8am to suit working parents.

The morning session involves up to four hours of learning, rest and play, with a built in mid-morning snack time consisting of a drink of fresh milk or water, fresh fruit and quite often our homemade bread. Valuable time is spent in the outdoor classroom, so children are required to arrive at school with warm outer clothing (waterproof coat, fleece and boots).

12:00 heralds lunchtime, always a popular break in the school day, with the morning session finishing at 1pm. This will be the changeover time so children will be leaving after their morning session or arriving for their afternoon session with some staying on for the full day.

Afternoon session

The afternoon session starts at 1pm and runs through to 6pm. This is also punctuated with a mid-afternoon snack of a drink of fresh milk or water, fresh fruit and breadsticks.

There is a quiet story time and rest session for younger children to ensure the pace of the school day doesn't become ovewhelming.

At 4:45 the children are provided with a healthy high tea until the day finishes at 6:00pm.

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