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The Montessori way

Maria Montessori, one of the 20th century's most important early years educators, took a fresh look at how children learn. She realised that children learnt best by 'doing', that happy, self-motivated learners developed positive images of themselves as confident, successful people.  Her specially designed resources nurture this independence and here at Jelly Beans we follow Montessori's ethos and philosophy.


The Montessori approach is holistic and develops the whole child. Fundamental to the approach is the belief that a child's early years (from birth to six) are the period when they have the greatest capacity to absorb and learn.

In practice we follow the following activities in our school day:

Practical Life: children undertake practical exercises which link home and nursery - polishing, doing up buttons, packing suitcases, sorting and laying tables, providing them with invaluable life skills and the confidence to execute daily tasks with competence

Language: from reading and writing systems to story time and singing, these activities lay a key foundation stone for your child's language capabilities

Sensorial: early sensorial impressions boost a child's powers of observation and discrimination as well as broaden their vocabulary. Children sort, match, compare and grade objects by shape, size, touch, taste and sound

Mathematics: based in counting songs, where your child acquires numerical skills, children undertake structured activities using a range of fascinating Montessori materials.

Outdoor Classroom:  our three separate gardens offer children an opportunity to explore the natural world, develop imaginary skills and discover. Forest School is a popular component of our outdoor development activities. 

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