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Daily care

Jelly Beans comprises two large rooms:

Santa Maria Room: this is a bespoke space for younger children from birth to approaching 24 months, where they can flourish and explore at a pace suitable to their age. A plethora of Montessori infant and toddler equipment is at the ready, including treasure baskets, play boxes and play and build activities.

St Nicholas Room: this room is the base of our provision for children approaching 24 months, where we can consolidate a child's concept of numbers and quantity, letter sounds, exploration of the natural world, behaviour, manners and much, much more.


We also offer the more usual pre-school activities of playdough, painting, cutting and sticking, story telling and singing, Brio, Duplo, dolls, dressing up and role play.

Children are supported by qualified staff following the correct government ratios. The safety, comfort and happiness of children is paramount.

For both age groups, the outdoor classroom plays a key role in the school day, while walks to nearby Hockley Woods and visits to the local library are popular outings for the children. In each instance a high staff:child ratio is maintained to ensure safety.

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